Runing away from time, approach 2017

For this series, I have chosen a squared format, which according to me is perfect to give true essence to
the images.

During yester years, this format was widely used, as they are far from being the 2/3 traditional style and
thus make room for artistic expression.

The main subjects are centered, captured by the present moment or on the contrary completely out of
focus, as if they were already part of the past. The characters stick out of the frame as if they were:

This is how the viewer is absorbed by the peculiar atmosphere, an accentuated feeling of time slipping by.

My key aim is to get hold of the characters, I want them to be blurry, striking but also short lived, defining
our life and our fragility.

This blurriness highlights unique emotions of the image and gives it a humane dimension.

In the second part of the series, the subjects are well framed, which gives a surreal impression. The characters soak in the image and one mostly retains the movement of forms which sometimes look like ghosts. The cut off bodies give a  dynamic touch to these images.
If the oppressive time is repeated in my work, it also triggers behavioral disorders.

Indeed, haziness, duplication, or the dissociation, reflect the troubled soul. It's difficult to get away from the whims of the brain which faces a reality that a human-being undergoes, it is tough agreeing with oneself.

The brain navigates simultaneously in time spaces, not to mention the fragmented image which we ourselves seem to create, namely isolation which takes us away from reality and others.

“ The night will be calm “ , title of a beautiful book from the French writer Romain
But the night will not always be calm.... The little streets of Venise and the Night lead to peculiar and uncommon squares. I choose to steal furtive figures from these places, figures that were fragiles, worried or disturbing. Some people that I will never know, and indeed it is their mystery that attracts me. Are they ordinary people? Bad persons ? or are they either deeply human ?
I photograph blurred figures , caught up by time or freezed for one fleeting moment.
Who are these people who cross the city absorbed in their lives? Will the night be calm for them?

Isn't it the question that we all wonder with anxiety, today in such a violent and intolerant era. Who said the Man was deeply good?

Between dream and reality (2017 )

Complexities of a human being never seems to cease therefore an endless topic. The paradox between his extreme fragility, his short existence and his capacities: create, build, destroy will always continue to fascinate me.

The photos of this series deliberately portray that the further we go, the more we look like insects whose life span becomes almost relative and ludicrous.

The imposing natural background, highlights humility which we must all show. Thereby, the images have a supernatural, dreamlike look, as if time stood still, as if the almost moving personalities lived in a yonder world, making us forget about the world crisis and its repercussions, the extreme violence and the pressing need to preserve out planet, making the human being is eternal. We need to reflect much more often, this way it'll make room for wisdom and build the path towards a more deep reflection. We need to think about the strengths in life. War, terrorism, loneliness, isolation, humanity, the list is endless...

The blurry figures remind us how time flies by, an aspect which we have no control over. The human being has turned into an extreme individual, moreover one needs a collective realization which translates into wisdom, in order to save us from ourselves.

However, I have created a diptych ( Quest for light), a message of hope.The scene takes place by the sea; It is probably an island. The first picture shows people who are lost, frightened, immersed in the strangest of nights.
Is there a way to find light, can we save the human race again, can we hope to live in a respectful world, where tolerance hovers?

The second image (same title) depicts two women, wearing white, pure colors, hopes, they agree perfectly. They portray harmony and serenity. They are illuminated like a beam of light, incarnating this aspect, as it's their last string of hope for wisdom, a future where unity exists but also harmony.

Yes, we need to believe in Man, or else what's the point of life? For our children at least.
The images don't have a title, as they lead us to reflect. .

                            The absence